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Recovery Connection

Intensive case management and outreach for people in recovery with extensive basic needs

The Recovery Connection program provides intensive case management and outreach to clients with chemical dependency or co-occurring mental health disorders who have significant and high use of costly and intensive inpatient services. These individuals are often referred from inpatient treatment providers, detoxification centers, hospital emergency rooms, homeless shelters and other treatment centers. All of these clients have extensive basic needs for food, clothing and shelter, ongoing income and insurance support, and are often still in active addiction.

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What the Program Offers

The program provides extensive outreach and case management support to clients involved with the program. Care Coordinators assist with the location of safe and appropriate housing, provide support in establishing or following through with medical or mental health services, and support the client to address other key needs.

The goal of this program is to assist clients with their basic support needs, engage clients into treatment for mental health and chemical dependency, develop abstinence, and accomplish their other individually defined goals.

Eligibility criteria

Clients must be residents of Monroe county, between the ages of 18 and 64, Medicaid-eligible, have a history of hospitalization or inpatient treatments at least three times in 12 months, or four times in 24 months, and are in need of case management.

Program Cost and Selection Process

There are no costs for these program services.

Intake Process

Interested individuals may contact the Program Manager at 585-546-1271 x6383 or complete an application for services and appropriate releases and fax to 585-546-2607.